but do we really know anything about them?


Caterina Mazzocchi

If we search the word “leprechaun” in the dictionary we find out that they are a sort of small, mischievous sprite, which in Italian would be “fate”, “leprecauni”, “folletti”.

So, now that we know what we’re talking about, let’s find out some 5 curiosities about them.

  1. Why is their name “Leprechaun”?

Apparently because of their small size and, in fact, the most popular belief is that it originates from the Middle Irish word lūchorpān—with lū meaning “small body.”

  1. Do they always wear green?

Never, actually! According to Legends and Stories of Ireland from 1831, the fairies dress in red!

Therefore, what is the explanation for the green jacket and pants? While some believe leprechauns sport different colours including green according to the regions they come from, others joke that the signature green simply matched the Irish shamrock better.

  1. Do leprechauns have family members?

Yes they do, and their cousins are not the ones to take to a family dinner, because they’re always drunk!

The clurichauns, another type of fairy character closely related to them, are well known for their love of drinking.

They are said to haunt wine cellars, pubs, and breweries during the night. Some experts believe the troublemakers were originally leprechauns, who got so drunk one day that they magically turned into a whole new species.

  1. Are they kind and gentle ?

Leprechauns look friendly and jovial and serve as unofficial ambassadors to Ireland these days. However, you would be better advised not to put your life in their hands.

Legend says that leprechauns are sneaky trickster characters that should never be trusted, and they are pretty grumpy too.

Try to capture one or steal their hidden pot of gold, and they will play their tricks on you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

5. Are they real?

We don’t really know… there is a bunch of evidence about leprechauns caught on camera, but who knows for sure whether it is fake? Anyways, there is no convincing proof that they don’t exist either… So do we wanna fly to Ireland and try to find them?